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Promoting and supporting studies and investigations about populations in state of risk, referring to the concept of risk as the attention of people, groups or communities who are more needed due to their situation of vulnerability, being more important the analysis of the situation of childhood and adolescence.
Favoring a cultural exchange that implies the inclusion of all the social factors necessary for a harmonic community life and, at the same time, reaching the welfare of each one of them in this context.
Planning, proposing and coordinating the existence of projects and programs destined to those populations in state of risk in public as well as private environment. Developing and promoting training, formation and promotion activities in areas related to prevention in a community and institutional level.

Promoting a plural and total image of non-stereotyped people in the media.
Broadcasting and promoting each the groups’ manifestation, considering them a valuable product for the social participation.
Contributing with sexual information and formation, free of prejudices, favoring the practice of the relative rights to responsible procreation between men and women.
Promoting an equal and equitable health education.
Procuring the democratic access to equality of opportunities in education for all.