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GES has participated in campaigns and actions in defense of the rights of girls, boys, adolescents and women.ES participando en campañas y acciones en defensa de los derechos de las niñas, adolescentes y mujeres.

but Ley de Cupos 1991 (Capacity Law).
but Elaboration of proposals for the following subjects: woman, equality of opportunities and gender perspectives in the Commission of Relationships with the Community of the Asamblea Estatuyente (Statutes Assembly) of the City of Buenos Aires in matters of: education, reproductive health, disability in 1996.
but National Law for reproductive health or responsible parenthood. 1994/1997

but Ley de cupo femenino para el Senado. (A Capacity Law regarding women for the Senate). 2000.

nena nenas-pobres

Meeting with the “NGOs”

but General Administration of Human and Women’s Rights. Links. Ministry of Foreign Affairs.1996/1997.
but Participation in Council of Civilian Society, Commission of Genre Equity. Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Permanent representation for subjects about Women in an international environment. 2002 till nowadays.
but The Net Against Trade. Against the trade and commerce of people in Argentina and the world. 2002 till nowadays.

Knowing our sexual and reproductive rights:

but A work carried out in support of the legislation proposals. Provinces of Formosa and Santa Fe, 1998/1999

Ratification of the Facultative Protocol of Convention against all types of discrimination against Women (CEDAW)
On the part of Argentina, 2003 till nowadays.

but Broadcasting, sensitization and lobby activities with Senators and Senate counselors for their approval.
but Elaboration of a poster presented in the National Women’s Meeting in Mendoza. 2004.